Leading for Global Competency

It’s been said that when you train one teacher, hundreds of students are educated. Teachers are the great multipliers. They know students need strong academic foundations and intercultural competencies, as well as collaborative, communicative and problem solving abilities to effectively engage in our democracy and compete in our global economy. Likewise, students look to their teachers for knowledge about a world that may not yet be a part of their own experience.

The Council began its teacher outreach in 2005 with workshops focused on various global regions and issues. In 2012, The Council participated in the World Affairs Councils of America overseas enrichment program, Spotlight on Turkey. The program integrated a teacher workshop, a two-week study tour to Turkey and a public cultural event.

Local and Global Elements

In evaluating its previous program offerings and critical teacher feedback, the Council recognized the need for a Northeast Florida-tailored program that will enable area middle and high school teachers annually to travel, interact, and connect on a local and global scale.


“My involvement with the World Affairs Council of Jacksonville has been the most beneficial resource for me as an educator. Along with the documentable knowledge, I have created professional bonds with teachers of various subject areas and other school districts." - Ethan Dombkowski, Great Decisions Teacher at Yulee High School & Spotlight on Turkey participant