Leveraging International Capacity to Stabilize Fragile States

The Kick-Off Dinner & Dialogue allows students from eighteen high schools in Duval, Nassau, Clay, and St. Johns counties to start each school year with a timely discussion on world events. Great Decisions participants conduct a stakeholder analysis in a select region, identifying key players and interests that should be taken into account when developing and implementing foreign policy. This interactive group experience fosters dialogue among students from different schools and connects global issues to the Jacksonville community.

Program Structure

To better understand current developments in some of the world’s most fragile states and the unique challenges they pose to U.S. and global security, participants will hear from a diverse of group of panel speakers to learn about a country’s history, diverse population and current hot topics.

The subsequent interactive group activity will allow students to discuss what they have heard and organize the information in a visual display. Finally, participants will formulate recommendations for the U.S. government and the international community regarding short-term crisis response imperatives and long-term solutions for sustainable peace.


2014: "Fragile States, Global Consequences: The Democratic Republic of Congo"

2015: "Myanmar: A Fragile State's Transition to Democracy" 

2016: "U.S.-Cuba Rapprochement" 

2017: "Afghanistan – Prospects for a fragile state"

2018: "VenezuelaDemocracy Building and Populist Autocrats" 

2019: "The European Union and the World At-Large"

2020: "Race and Cultural Movements Around the World"