Michael Doran

The Schizophrenic Saudi State

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    Global Issues Evening
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    Sep 27, 2004 @ 7:00 PM Premier Members ReceptionSep 27, 2004 @ 6:00 PM
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    UNF Herbert University Center
2004-09-27 19:00 2004-09-27 20:00 America/New_York The Schizophrenic Saudi State No description. UNF Herbert University Center

About the Speaker

Michael Doran taught for three years at the University of Central Florida and is now Associate Professor of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University, and an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. He teaches courses on political Islam, Middle Eastern nationalisms, U.S. and Middle East relations, and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Dr. Doran is the author of a study of the first Arab-Israeli war, entitled Pan-Arabism Before Nasser: Egyptian Power Politics and the Palestine Question (Oxford University Press, 1999), and is currently working on a book entitled The Trump Card: Israel in the Arab Civil War. His analysis titled, “Somebody Else’s Civil War,” is also published in a book, How Did This Happen: Terrorism and the New War (Public Affairs, 2001). After he published an influential article on Osama bin Laden in the January/February 2002 issue of Foreign Affairs magazine both government and business have frequently invited him to speak on the subject of terrorism and the crises occurring in the Middle East.

Michael Doran is a graduate of Princeton University, where he received a master’s degree and his Ph.D. in Near Easter Studies. He also received a Bachelor of Arts in history from Stanford. He is the recipient of a Hyde Fellowship and a Fulbright-Hays Fellowship, and was co-recipient of the Dodge Thesis Prize in Near Eastern Studies.

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