T.R. Reid

The Healing of America: The Quest for Better, Cheaper Healthcare

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    Global Issues Evening
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    Nov 16, 2010 @ 7:00 PM Premier Members ReceptionNov 16, 2010 @ 6:00 PM
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    UNF Herbert University Center
2010-11-16 19:00 2010-11-16 20:00 America/New_York The Healing of America: The Quest for Better, Cheaper Healthcare No description. UNF Herbert University Center

About the Speaker

Author, The United States of Europe and The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care

T. R. REID has become one of the nation’s best-known correspondents through his coverage of global affairs for The Washington Post, his books and documentary films, and his light-hearted commentaries on National Public Radio.

Reid majored in Classics at Princeton University, and served as a naval officer, a teacher, and various other jobs. At the Washington Post, he covered Congress and four presidential campaigns. He served as the paper’s bureau chief in Tokyo and in London.

T. R. Reid has reported from three dozen countries on five continents. He has covered elections ranging from British Prime Minister to Barton County Drain Commissioner. He has covered the Olympics, the X-Games, the Asian Games, the Tour de France, the World Alpine Championships, and the World Chess Championship. He sailed on the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Enterprise while in the U.S. Navy -- and went back to the ship 30 years later to write about it for National Geographic. He was detained and interrogated by Army officers in North Korea. He was stranded in Nepal’s Khumbu region after Maoists blew up the only airport. He was bitten by a meat-eating plant (pitcher plant) in Borneo His story revealing the secret engagement of Crown Prince Naruhito is known in Japan as the dai-sukoopu – that is, “the great scoop.”

Reid has written and hosted documentary films for National Geographic TV, for PBS, and for the A&E network. He is a regular commentator on National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition.” He has written six books in English and three in Japanese, and translated one book from the Japanese. His latest book, The Healing of America, was published in the summer of 2009. PBS Frontline produced two documentary films, “A Second Opinion” and “Sick Around the World,” following Reid as he reported this book. 

Reid is a member of the board of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, the Japan-America Society of Colorado, the University of Colorado Medical School, and a number of community organizations and schools. He has taught at Princeton University and the University of Michigan.

T. R. Reid has been married for 37 years to the attorney Margaret M. McMahon. They have three children.

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