The Community Foundation NewsletterSpotlight on Innovations in Global Education Endowment Fund (Page 4) - 04-18-16

Florida Times-Union

Across cultures, hors d'ouevres are more than snacks -  03-26-16

Jacksonville Business JournalConstruction to start on dredging the St. Johns River as early as next year - 03-15-16

Financial News and Daily Record

Port dredging scheduled to begin in early 2017; $40M for Phase One is close -  03-15-16

Jacksonville Business JournalJaxport CEO pushes for growth at state of port address - 03-16-16

Duval Daily

Former Ambassador Talks to Students at Terry Parker High School -  02-23-16

Financial News & Daily RecordJacksonville native hoping Uber hits Facebook numbers - 02-22-16

Florida Times-Union

UBER BAKER: Ed Baker, VP of Growth for Uber, speaks at World Affairs Council -  02-19-16

Florida Times-UnionUber growth manager, a Jacksonville native, sees huge expansion for the company - 02-19-16

Florida Politics


Jacksonville Business JournalUber's head of growth — a Jacksonville native — shares his secrets - 02-19-16

UNF Spinnaker

Wozniak: The unsung hero, the other half of the Apple pioneers, and self-proclaimed prankster -  02-03-16

Florida Times-UnionApple Computer co-founder speaks on Feb. 2 at World Affairs Council event at UNF - 01-22-16

Florida Times-Union

Former U.S. Central Command general speaks in Jacksonville about the ISIS threat -  11-17-15

Florida Times-Union​How Mayo Clinic is ramping up medical tourism in Jacksonville - 11-3-15

Florida Times-Union

Bad guys destroy while good guys dither -  10-23-15

Florida Times-UnionInternational scholar blames U.S. inaction in part for Syria crisis - 10-16-15

Financial News & Daily Record

Johnson & Johnson sees vision in four core values -  10-14-15

Jacksonville Business JournalKeeping the innovative spark alive helps FIS grow - 10-09-15

Financial News & Daily Record

FIS executive chairman says predicting future of banking technology tough -  10-01-15

Jacksonville Business JournalFIS top chief: “Think like an entrepreneur, not a bureaucracy” - 9-30-15

Florida Times-Union

Expert on China to discuss the power behind the powerful country - 9-25-15

Jacksonville Business’s David Brown: Why your cell phone is going to get hacked sooner or later - 4-14-15

Jacksonville Business Journal

The Economist editor: America still indispensable; China headed for top GNP rank in world; tech rules - 2-24-2015

Florida Times UnionClimate change threat to growth? - 1-25-15

Jacksonville Business Journal

Schapiro: We may love money, but
we can't manage it
- 1-20-2015

Florida Times UnionFormer Securities and Exchange Commission chairwoman says financial illiteracy
pervades U.S.
- 1-20-15
Jacksonville Business Journal

A bank, grocery store and more in the plans for Downtown's Laura Street Trio - 9-23-2014
Florida Times UnionDeveloper announces major plans for revamp of Laura Street Trio area in downtown Jacksonville - 9-23-14The Daily Record
Developer of Barnett Building and Laura Street Trio project says he needs $7.7 million from city - 9-23-14
Florida Times UnionEx-ambassador to Russia: The West needs a stronger hand - 9-13-14

Florida Times UnionRyan Traher joins the World Affairs Council as the new Director of Communications and Membership-7-22-14

Foreign Policy Association
Great Decisions Group Profile: World Affairs Council Jacksonville-6-3-14

Jacksonville Business JournalShad Khan unplugged: Homeless in Detroit have more 'mojo' than Jacksonville millionaires- 04-22-14

Jacksonville Business JournalJim Stallings: The digital transformation of the business world is underway-3-18-14

Florida Times-UnionJournalist will speak about China- 03-11-14

Jacksonville Business JournalCEO Tells Jacksonville Leaders Innovation Comes From the Bottom Up- 02-13-14Florida Times-UnionBig Risks Remain in Energy and Climate Change Arenas- 02-08-14Jacksonville Business JournalBritish Consul: Trade Agreement Helps Jax- 01-14-14Florida Times-UnionJournalist Bob Woodward in Jacksonville Speech Says Obama Isn't Wielding His Power Properly- 01-21-14Florida Times-UnionVeteran Journalist Bob Woodward Sees Leadership Void in Washington - 01-19-14Florida Times-UnionPopular Physicist Says Tech Tidal Wave Coming- 11-10-13Florida Times-UnionRobotics Revolution Changing Warfare and Public's Role - 09-17-13Florida Times-UnionJournalist, Bob Woodward among speakers for World Affairs Council's Jacksonville Series- 09-09-13Nassau County Record

Teacher Studies Turkey - 08-09-13Financial News & Daily RecordWorkspace: Trina Medarev, Executive Director World Affairs Council of Jacksonville - 08-14-13Financial News & Daily Record
Bob Woodward to Discuss 'Presidential Leadership' in Jacksonville- 08-14-13
Florida Times-Union40-Year Foreign Correspondent: There's More to Islam than Protests and Violence- 03-03-13New York TimesDon't Fear All Islamists, Fear Salafi's - August 19, 2012Florida Times-UnionRussia can still pose a global threat, author says- 02-10-13Jacksonville Business JournalScene & Be Seen - January 18-24, 2013St. Johns Living Magazine
World Affairs Council Enriches Our Community Through Education- 01-01-13
Financial News & Daily RecordRivlin: Nation 'not so deeply divided' over health care - 01-09-13Florida Times-Union Role of the father vital for us all- 12-30-12Florida Times-UnionVoters will end gridlock, economist says- 01-06-13Florida Times-Union Good News: Stanton's 'chaos' team was anything but chaotic- 12-28-12C-Span
Inspiration for Innovation and the New Race for Space- 11-27-12
Financial News & Daily Record
Aerospace Entrepreneur Burt Rutan Talks About the World of Commercial Spaceflight- 12-03-12Financial News & Daily Record
Author Discusses Cuba's Future with World Affairs Council - 11-26-12
Financial News & Daily Record

Delaney on Education: Measure What You Do- 10-31-12

News-LeaderA lesson in 'cyber security' - 10-24-12Florida Times-UnionRooney: I Won't Get Tangled Up in Cybercrime's Wicked Web- 09-23-12Florida Times-UnionLocal Teachers Discuss Summer Visit to Turkey- 10-10-12Florida Times-UnionNSA Deputy Visits UNF to Talk Cyber Security: John C. Inglis Will Speak on the Threats at World Affairs Council Seminar- 09-23-12Fernandina Beach News-LeaderYulee Teacher to Visit Turkey - 07-02-12Financial News & Daily RecordWater, Water Everywhere, But Strategist Says Not Enough- 05-28-12
Financial News & Daily RecordWhat Money Can and Can't Buy: Author, Harvard Professor Challenges World Affairs Council , UNF Audience- 04-13-12Financial News & Daily RecordEverBank Direct President Assesses Global Markets- 03-12-12Financial News & Daily Record'A Digital Bomb' WuDunn Warns of Cyber-Attacks from China - 02-15-12Financial News & Daily RecordChartrand: "So Much More That Can Be Done"- 02-08-12Jacksonville Business JournalCharity Section - 01-27-12Florida Times-UnionPhotographer Didn't Have To Travel Far To Shoot Prize-Winner- 01-22-12Financial News & Daily Record'Fickle and Flirtatious Electorate' Washington Post Columnist Talks Politics, Security - 01-16-12Financial News & Daily RecordWorkspace: Jonathan Howe, Executive Director, Arthur Vining Davis Foundations- 01-12-12The Washington PostA Bleak Look at America's Future by David Ignatius - 12-09-11The New York TimesPakistani Ambassador is Forced Out Over Memo- 11-23-11Financial News & Daily Record"Think in an Entrepreneurial Way": Ethan Allen CEO Talks About U.S. Manufacturing - 11-14-11Financial News & Daily RecordBusiness by Design- 11-09-11Wall Street JournalGadhafi and the Swindle of Dictatorship- 10-21-11Jacksonville Business JournalMile Point Hurts Port's Japanese Shipper- 10-14-11Financial News & Daily RecordAnderson, Ray Working on Port Legislation - 10-12-11Jacksonville Business JournalAnderson: More State Legislation in the Works- 10-11-11Jacksonville Business JournalAtlanta Fed CEO Expects Modest Returns From Recent Policy- 09-27-11Financial News & Daily Record"Hopeful Signs" Atlanta Fed President Predicts Modest Improvements in Economy- 10-03-11Financial News & Daily RecordHomeland Security Leader Urges Americans to "Stay Strong" - 10-03-11The Wall Street JournalFed's Lockhart: Operation Twist Should Have "Modest" Impact- 09-28-11World Affairs Councils of America NewsletterShare The Best: Connecting and Enlightening- Young Professionals- 08-11
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